JM Fitafer is convinced of the fact that the business partners and associations are fundamental for the development and stabilization of the best practices concerning the social responsibility. Therefore the enterprise does not only count on the support of institutions, company donations, government, private businesses and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in order to realize the own projects. (Read more)


JotaeMe Fitafer is an enterprise acting in the area of steel re-lamination and part punching from conventional cut and fuine cut. (Read more).


Our Offered Services


Our commitment is to invest in advanced technology, to provide our customers the highest quality in the offered services and to increase the trust in our partnerships through our processes such as steel re-lamination, planning and construction of tools, conventional and fine cut punching which can all be improved within the ranges production, revision, welding and assembly.


JotaeMe Fitafer - Rua Miguel Segundo Lerussi, 53 - Parque Industrial - Franco da Rocha - SP - CEP: 07859-390 - Tel: +055 (11) 4443-1100