Fine Cut Punching (Fine Blanking)

Fine Blanking is a manufacturing process, involving operations of precision cut and punching, capable to produce metallic parts with cutting edges without occurring barbs with excellent superficial finishing. Due to the stability and precision of the process some operations can be eliminated, making the manufacturing cost reduction, sharpening of tools, drilling, planing, milling and barb elimination possible. Currently JotaeMe is equipped with 8 Fine Blanking presses which are at our customers disposal. These presses with a capacity from 320T to 1000T work with materials of up to 16 millimeters of diameter.



Conventional Punching

We count on machinery of 90 eccentric presses with a capacity from 100T to 500T, equipped with unwinder and automatic supply.



Welded Joints

We offer our customers the ease of an integrated weld system with MIG projection, high performance and an equally high quality of our punched products.



Production / Revision

We offer our customers the addition of the manufacturing and/or revision process of the punched products.



Re-lamination of Flat Steel

Through our re-lamination unit for flat steel with small, average or high carbon content we have a different competence to the common market.



Tool Shop

Through highly qualified professionals we carry out projects as well as tool and controlling device construction with the highest quality standard. By using Solid Edge, CAD and CAM NX software, plate planing for finite elements and other state-of-the-art resources as electro-erosions, rectification, CNC machines, the quality during the entire life cycle of the product is maintained.


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