"The guarantee of the success of each organization depends nowadays on the acknowledgment of the customers in relation to the provided services. The quality is ascertained through adequate procedures. In a world ever more complicated and globalized the approval allows for differentiation, simplification of the processes, cost reduction and the trustworthiness of the systems in the supply of services and products. In this way Jotaeme Fitafer strives for continuous improvement which can be proven through the SGS – System & Service Certificate and the certificates ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO/TS 16949 (Quality Management in automotive industry) which are attached.“


"One of the definitions which is most frequently used for the sustainable development is to be prepared to meet the current needs of the population without impairing the capacity to satisfy the needs of future generations. That means, the idea is to grow without destroying the environment and depleting the natural resources. Being aware of this, the enterprise Jotaeme Fitafer strives to receive the ISO 14001 certificate. “

"Der Mensch ist ein Teil der Natur und sein Krieg gegen die Natur ist unvermeidlich ein Krieg gegen sich selbst… wir haben eine Herausforderung vor uns, wie sie die Menschheit noch nie hatte – unsere Reife und unsere Herrschaft zu beweisen, nicht die der Natur, sondern die uns eigene“, sagt Rachel Carson. „The human being is a part of nature and the war against nature is inevitably a war against humanity itself… we have a challenge ahead of us like mankind never had before - to prove our maturity and reign, not the one from the nature but our own one “, Rachel Carson says.


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