Responsabilidad Social


JM Fitafer is convinced of the fact that the business partners and associations are fundamental for the development and stabilization of the best practices concerning the social responsibility. Therefore the enterprise does not only count on the support of institutions, company donations, government, private businesses and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in order to realize the own projects but fosters the initiatives of several organizations if those are aligned with the proper principles and objectives. In this partnership the knowledge, opinions and values are shared beyond the financial investment




The Communal Culture Association Pró-Morato

It is a non-governmental organization (NGO) which had its foundation in 1996 and stems from a movement of the inhabitants of the city Francisco Morato (SP) towards improvement of the life quality, improvement of the fundamental infrastructure, job perspectives and criminality decrease.

Apprentice ProMorato is a program of the NGO Pró-Morato with the aim to prepare and insert adolescents through the education act (law nº 10.097) into the formal job market. The program develops activities of the theoretical formation in the headquarters of the organization and activities of the practical formation in partner companies during the period of one year.


CIEE – Legal Apprentice Program

The legal apprentice program is a vocational training program for the entrance of young people into the professional sphere, which is carried by the law 10.097/2000 education act. The integration center company-school and the Roberto Marinho foundation offer the company the possibility to train an appropriate professional for the job market.

The program offers vocational training to the young person as step of the training process. The method is divided into two modules: a basic model which is the same in all training schemes and a specification model which is aligned to the field of activity of the young person in the company. The apprentice contract has a determined validity of two years at fixed minimum hourly wages or more favorable conditions. CIEE is responsible for hiring, selection and theoretical training of the apprentices and counts on educational support of the teachers of the Roberto Marinho foundation in the initial and secondary education.

It promotes the public professional training within the occupation regulations with the emphasis to meet the requirements of the society and the job market. It is aimed at being established as occupation center and stimulating the human and technical development with consideration of the social needs.


Etec Dr. Emilio Hernandez Aguilar (Franco da Rocha)

The center Paula Souza started its activities on October 6th, 1969. However, the first meetings of the national training adviser concerning the establishment of the institution had already taken place in 1963, when the necessity for vocational training in order to accompany São Paul’s economic development became evident.

The idea to create a national center for technical training got consistency when Robert Costa de Abreu Sodré accepted the federal state government of São Paulo in 1967.

In October 1969, the governor Abreu Sodré signed the regulation which brought the self-sufficient entity, which is designated for defining, execution and development of the vocational training in the middle and higher level, into existence.


Spiritistic Center Nosso Lar - Houses André Luiz
Care Quality for the Mentallt Disabled

The story pivots on the personality of João Castardelli, who lived only 23 years (1920-1943), dedicating himself to the “Gospel at Home” in meetings that occurred in his house. After more or less one year of its death, the idea started to reveal in meetings that the family continued to make, transmitting spiritual orientations to the needy, always saying to the present that in a near future the group would play a prominent role in the field of social assistance. As time passed by, what had been until then a familiar meeting turned into a public meeting, attracting each time a larger number of people. The Institution possesses the Certificate for Quality Systems, issued by the Vanzoline Foundation that certifies that the Quality System of the Houses Andres Luiz fulfills the requirements of norm NBR ISO 9001:2000.


National Park Juquery (Monthly Donation)

Parts of the country estate Juquery were purchased by the state as from 1895 and the psychiatric institute Juquery as well as the first agricultural penal colony were implemented by the state government on a total area of 7,428 acre.

In 1989 Ramos de Azevedo signed that the country estate was to be seen as architectural unit including the documented inventory and the green area, which made for the declaration as historical monument by the adviser for the protection of monuments, archaeology, art and tourism (CONDEPHAAT) of the state São Paulo. The National Park Juquery was established in 1993 with the purpose to guarantee the permanent preservation of the enclosed area.


Psychiatric Institution Juquery

The psychiatric institute Juquery is one of the oldest and largest Brazilian psychiatric institutions and is located in Franco da Rocha (former municipality Juquery), in the metropolitan area São Paulo. The hospice Juquery has for decades been in the process of deactivation. In 2005, around 500 patients were transferred into the institute.

The administration furnished a program for the rescue of the citizen right of the patients, employees and inhabitants. The employees occupy a course for further vocational training and the patients reach more and more a coexistence with the society and receive incentives for expressing themselves artistically for example through painting, sculpturing and handcrafts.


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